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Global HIS  A Complete Browser Based Hospital Information System.

Global - HIS
Hospital Information System

Global - HIS was primarily designed and developed to compete against emerging software industry inclination towards development of centralized Browser Based application which not only put an end to dependency of user to a single machine but also does not hog system resources. It primarily targets large hospital setups involving multiple departments and the need of cross-linked data between them.

Key Features

  • No need to run setup on different client PC
  • Platform Independent system.
  • Online product support.
  • Auto e-mailing & text messaging of reports
  • Inter departmental messenger for quick communication within hospital setup.
  • Unique facility to link multiple centres and synchronize data at a central location.
  • Bar Code generation facility
  • Biometric machine interfacing for digital attendance
  • Prescription writing for consultant with help of Electronic Prescription Recorder
  • Auto consumption of consumables (kits)
  • Fully user customizable reports and billing formats
  • Online lab reporting
  • Innovative appointment scheduler
  • NABH compliant application
  • TALLY linking for accountancy based solutions.
  • Robust error tracking module
  • Assets Management
  • F & B Module
  • Dietician Module
  • Back Office Module
  • Compatible with nearly all the biochemistry analyzers in the market (bi-directional communication).

Modules Available

Enquiry and Appointments

  • Admitted Patient View
  • DayCare Booking FollowUp
  • Estimate Of Services
  • IPD Booking FollowUp
  • OPD Appointments

OPD Module

  • Patient Registration
  • Consultation Billing
  • OPD Procedure Billing
  • OPD General services Billing
  • OPD Transactional activities
  • Transactional Request for
  • Request Status
  • Consultant Advice
  • Label Printing
  • Bug Tracker
  • P. R. O. Daily Activities

Daycare Module

  • Day Care Booking
  • Booking Advance for Day care
  • Request for Advance cancellation
  • Approval / Decline of Request
  • Status Of Request

IPD Module (In-Door Patient Department)

  • Patient Booking for Admission
  • Admission Booking Confirm / Decline
  • Booking Advance Payment
  • Cancel Booking Advance
  • Refund Booking Advance
  • Patient Admission in IPD
  • Admission Cancellation
  • Modify Patient Admission Details
  • Modify Admission Date / Time
  • Modify Admitted Patient Category
  • IPD Transactions
  • IPD Transactional Requests
  • Request Approval / Decline
  • Status of IPD Request
  • Case Transfer to Another Doctor
  • Patient Discharge
  • Final Bill Settlement

Pathology Module (NABL Compliance)

  • Pathology Investigation Work Flow
  • Sample (Specimen) Collection
  • Sample Acceptance
  • Lab Report Entry
  • Lab Report Authentication (Report Validation)
  • Redo/ Repeat Investigations
  • Outsourced Investigation Reports
  • Validated Report Printing
  • Validated Report Editing
  • Service Wise Printing
  • Continuous Printing of Multiple Departments
  • Investigation Orders from IPD Wards
  • Pathology Orders from IPD Wards
  • Interfacing with Lab Equipments


  • Radiology Procedure Work Flow
  • Radiology Report Entry
  • Radiology Report Authentication (Report Validat
  • Validated Report Printing

PAC’S and DICOM (Picture Achieving & Communication System)

  • Accessing of DICOM Images from anywhere in the
  • Data Storage of Radiological Images
  • Doctor Login wise OPD Patients
  • OPD Prescription
  • Adult History & Physical Examinations
  • Consultant Order (Blood Transfusion)
  • Advice For OPD Patients
  • Advice For IPD Patients
  • MRD Record

Patient Management System (PMS Module)

  • Ward Summary List
  • Patient Searching
  • Ward Occupancy Lay out
  • Work list Of Patient
  • Ward Movement Of Patients
  • Doctor Case Transfer
  • Patient Record
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Vital Signs ( With Graphical Data)
  • Service Order for Admitted Patient
  • Cross Referral (With Message Alerts)
  • Patient Diet Charts
  • Sample Collection of IPD Patients
  • Operation Theatre
  • Bed Side Procedure Execution
  • IPD Services Auto Scheduling
  • Profile and Specialty Wise Discharge Summary
  • Discharge Information

OT (Operation Theatre) Module

  • OT Booking
  • OT Scheduling
  • Scheduling of Surgeries

Clinical & MRD

  • Attachment of Scanned Documents
  • Viewing all the Clinical Data
  • History Detail of Patients
  • Examination Details
  • Discharge Summaries

Pharmacy Module

  • Sale of Medicines
  • Add Pharmacy Bill to IPD Final Bill
  • Due Deposition
  • Medicine Bill Cancellation
  • Refund of Medicines
  • Purchase
  • GRN (Goods Receiving Note)
  • Stock Management
  • Medicines Issue
  • Department Store
  • Orders From Departments
  • Sale Report
  • Departmental Consumption Report
  • Opening Stock report
  • Closing Stock Report
  • Item Related Reports

Inventory Module

  • Purchase
  • GRN (Goods Receiving Note)
  • Stock Management
  • Goods Issue
  • Department Store
  • Orders From Departments

MIS Module

  • All module’s data information reports
  • Graphical Reports

Complaints Module

  • Launch Complaint from any User Dashboard
  • Central Complaint Register
  • Action Taken Against the Complaints


  • User Creation
  • Access to Users
  • Day Wise data view Control to the Users
  • Copy user Access from other Users Profiles
  • User Company Linking

HR (Human Resources) Module

  • Employee Detail Entry
  • Employee Scanned Document
  • Leave Applicability for Multiple Employees
  • Employee Wise Leave Details
  • Employee Remuneration Calculation Policy
  • User Company Linking

Blood Bank Module

  • Doner Registration
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Grouping
  • Blood Infectious Tests
  • Component Separation
  • Blood Requistion
  • Cross Match
  • Blood Bank Releted Mis Reports

Backoffice Module